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3 reviews
The Pernil with Moro rice was perfect. The rice was made with pigeon peas (My favorite!) and the pork was tender and flavorful. The side of avocado was ripe but firm and very fresh. Food arrived on time and properly packed. A very enjoyable meal.


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Honestly one of the first restaurants that Ive seen that knows how to make good empanadas and good tostones. The arroz chaufa was really great, and combining that with the green sauce was amazing. Will definitely order from here again.


2 reviews
The pork is fresh and perfectly seasoned and cooked. The plaintains were great. And the green and white sauces are outstanding. I really like this place!


Top Reviewer
Fast, friendly delivery - ahead of scheduled time. Had the chicken with rice and beans - delicious! Will definately order from Tu Casa again.


3 reviews
arroz mixto was delicious and full of mixted meats and shrimp. also came with a spicy green sauce which is a perfect compliment to the dish.

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1 review
Their empanadas and entrana are amazing- it is my go to order from here always. The steak is always cooked to perfection, and the chimichurri sauce is on point. They also have the best selection of hispanic colas I have ever seen to order. My order got processed twice by accident (my fault as my internet cut out and cut back in), and Tu Casa was extremely professional in handling the situation and incredibly understanding. I will continue to be a customer at this place.


2 reviews
Great food. We ordered the chicken chaufa with 2 cokes. At first my delivery was missing my 2nd coke. I told the delivery man and he said he will come back to complete my order. Honestly I didnt think he would come back Considering my past awful delivery experiences from other restaurants BUT he did come back just to drop off my coke. I can say I am a very happy customer. They def care about their customers. I give 5 stars.


1 review
The ceviche is lime cured and it is always abundant with calamari, fish, and seafood. Always very fresh. The chicken soup is very tasty. The flan is good, a little too dense and it never comes with the caramel sauce (:-(. The beef stew had a lot of beef and hardly any veggies :-(. They always provide white rice regardless if you order a dish with white rice. The skirt steak salad is to die for!


3 reviews
Seriously amazing always. The staff is so accommodating. All of the food is
delicious. With the world cup, we ordered extra
empanadas. We are Croatian and my father is a Fifa ref-he has a discriminating palate. This restaurant is awesome. The green sauce is platinum standard and the white sauce, a close second. My father approves. You will never go wrong here.


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Awesome. Happily fed three people with picky eating habits. Carne guisado (beef stew with rice, beans, and potato) was fantastic. Exactly what I was craving. Someone in our group loved the empanadas. Pollo al Ajillo was delicious as well. Will definitely order from here again.

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